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New Year Special

Get three personal sessions and your first month of training with no commitment – $199

Get the fun of a group fitness class with the attention and accountability of a personal trainer, so you can reach your goals faster and feel excited about where your health and fitness can take you. If you’re in the Bay Area, you can:

  • Follow a training plan designed by your coach just for you. Special goals in mind? Travel for work? Ill or injured? Your plan will be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • Feel safe and supported during workouts by professional floor coaches
  • Get your training, nutrition, stress reduction, sleep support, and more all covered by one person who understands how the pieces of your life work together
  • Come in when it works for your schedule and be surrounded by a great community

Whether you want to lose weight, feel stronger, live longer, or train for sport or performance, all levels and abilities are welcome.

Note: Due to COVID-19, our facility is currently open only by appointment on a limited basis in order to comply with Marin County guidelines. Please contact us for more information about virtual coaching or our onsite availability.

How it Works

Getting to Know You

Come in to meet us for a free intro session and check out the gym, and we’ll get to know you and take a look at how you move to make sure your program is safely designed for your body. During the entire 3-session introductory period, your coach will be right there with you to help acclimate you to the gym and answer all your questions.


Once your coach designs your own training plan, you’ll come into the gym during floor hours and pull up your program on your phone in TrueCoach. You’ll be able to record your results, post comments and questions, and see demo videos of every movement. A floor coach will also be available to answer questions, help refine your movement, and check in on how you’re doing so you have a great experience during your workout.


Once a month, you and your coach will have a 30 minute consultation to check in on how you’re doing with training, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and other factors that affect your health and fitness. Your coach will also be reading your workout and nutrition results regularly, responding to questions and adjusting your program as needed to make sure you are engaged and enjoying your workouts. InBody scanning is also available to track body composition over time.

Schedule a free intro session and start your journey today.