How it Works

Intro Session and Assessment

Visit the gym for a free 45-minute session so we can get to know you and what’s important to you in your health and fitness plan. First we’ll sit down with you and talk about any past injuries and relevant health information, your background, and what your very own training and nutrition plan might include.


Then we’ll walk you through a simple assessment to learn more about how you move in a variety of ways in order to design the most effective training program for your body. At the same time, you’ll become acclimated to the gym and have all your questions answered.


If you wish to continue after your first assessment, your coach will schedule two more one-on-one sessions with you to gather all the information they’ll need in order to design your program, and by the time you finish you’ll feel confident about how to warm up, follow your training plan, and use the equipment around the gym.

Training at Revival Strength

Come in during any of our training windows that work for your schedule. A floor coach will welcome you, check in with you about your program for the day, and help you move through your workout safely while coaching you on your movement as needed. You’ll be able to follow your training plan via TrueCoach, a workout delivery app that has demo videos for movements and places for you to record your results and notes and post questions for your coach if they’re not on the floor while you’re training.

Our clean, friendly gym has traditional equipment as well as a variety of fun tools to try to keep your training fresh and challenging for your own level of fitness. We also have a shower if you need to clean up before heading out for the rest of your day.

Working With Your Coach

We strongly value the relationship between client and coach, and your coach will be checking in on your program regularly through TrueCoach as well as helping you directly when they are on the floor. Additionally, you’ll meet with your coach once a month for a 30-minute consultation.

You can use this time to talk about your training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, lifestyle, or any other aspect of your health that you’d like support with. You can also use the InBody scanner if you’d like to check your body composition with your coach.

Schedule a free intro session and start your journey today.